Temporal Probability Agency

Chosen by a computer that can see the future. Your mission: Save the World.

Temporal Probability Agency takes place in an alternate present day. Since the year 2000, the TPA has been protecting humanity. They’ve prevented 9/11, wars around the world, and the global financial crisis. Now it’s your turn.

Agents are selected from the world’s population for specific tasks. The computer, Daisy, has done the calculations and knows exactly who has the best chance of success.

Sometimes you need to do something small: a spilled beer at the right moment. Sometimes it’s something huge: a gunfight with the Italian Mafia inside a burning factory.

More information can be found in our new agent primer!

Print. Pour. Play

Our adventures have been engineered from the ground up to make them easy to run with little to no prep time.  That is what “Print. Pour. Play.” means. Print out the adventure. Pour some drinks. Play the game.

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Agent’s Handbook

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Everything you need to know to play TPA is contained in this 25 page PDF.

Hindrances, Edges, and Gear for your agent, plus history and background on the agency. It’s a quick read so you can get to playing.

To Predict and Serve Act 1: A Function of Probability

Included with Agent’s Handbook

The players are minding their own business, enjoying a trip home from a tropical vacation, when probability knocks.

Coming Soon!

To Predict and Serve Act 2: Rate of Change

Release Date: TBD

In Act 2, things heat up as the agents begin to deal directly with global affairs, and they begin to understand just what they were chosen to prevent.

To Predict and Serve Act 3: Approaching the Limit

Release Date: TBD

Time is running out for the world as we know it as events hurdle towards a nuclear conclusion in Act 3. In Daisy we trust.

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