TPA New Agent Primer

Welcome to the TPA!

You have been chosen as our latest recruit. This may be quite unexpected and sudden for you, and you probably have many questions.

What is the TPA?

You have probably heard of us. We have been around since the year 2000, making small changes to the timeline. Perhaps you have seen our substation in your local mall. Since our inception, we have prevented terrorist attacks, space shuttle explosions, wars, and simple accidents. We have a computer that keeps track of multiple news and data sources, and then analyzes that information for ways the recent past could be changed to make things better. It sends those objectives back in time, and it is our job to effect those changes.

A time computer?

Yes! The computer is called the Temporal Probability Analysis and Manifest Destiny Enforcement Synthetic Intelligence, or TPAMDESI, but like the rest of us, you can just call it Daisy. Daisy cannot send objects through time, only information. And no, it cannot be used for personal reasons.

Why was I selected?

Because you are unique. Daisy determined that in the entire population of the world, you had the absolute best probability of successfully completing a group of connected, upcoming missions. It was then simply a matter of making sure you got this information at the correct time.

What do I do?

Chances are this pamphlet came with additional instructions. Just carry out the objectives given to you. If you cannot find additional instructions, continue with your day as normal, and instructions will be provided when needed. Don’t worry about doing something wrong; Daisy has already taken your personality into account.

Does this mean I can kill indiscriminately and rob banks?

No. Despite what TPA antics you may have seen on TV, it is expected that you will behave in accordance with the rules of society. You are given plenty of leeway, and a certain degree of immunity, in how you accomplish goals, but we do not appreciate a lack of common sense.

What about compensation?

Generally, you will be notified beforehand of the amount you will be paid for completing goals. When your tasks are complete, just report to the nearest mall substation to receive your pay.

What about equipment?

We will provide you with the tools that are most statistically likely to ensure your success. They may be issued to you at a substation, or provided to you on location when needed.

What if you get me killed?

While that has happened on occasion, it is rare. Daisy’s knowledge of events both limits harm and allows emergency help to be dispatched prior to an actual injury. Even if you are harmed, help should arrive shortly. If the worst should happen, all field agents have an extensive medical and life insurance program. Ask at a substation for more information.

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