Why Aren’t More RPGs Released for Free

Last week Theron (These Dice Look Funny) asked the question of what it took to run his own game company. One of the first pieces of advice I offered was that if you weren’t interested in running your own business go freelance. Viz (White Haired Man) chimed in with a response article musing on why he needed a game company instead of releasing his adventures for free, citing Greg Christopher (whom I’ve now just discovered) as an excellent free RPG resource. As a side note, it’s worth pointing out that Christopher is doing some really neat things with RPG Maps. So why do we do this as a business instead of just doing it for the love of the game?

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Dear Apathy: How Do I Start Designing Games?

Looking for game advice? Want to know our thoughts on something? Shoot us an e-mail at devteam@apathygames.com and it may become one the subject of our Dear Apathy column.

Dear Apathy Games,

Let’s say I’m an eager young man with a head full of ideas and a passion for game design. How do I join the ranks of the elite and start a game company? I have a list of things I know that I need including: Product, art, a website, a layout editor, a copy editor, a means of distribution, and capital, and it would be within the realm of possibility for me to find these things, but how do I combine all those elements to actually create a company?



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Why We Need to Innovate or Die

In the war on our attention, what are we doing to truly innovate in our community? Not only bring new people to the table, but new ideas?

Innovate or Die.” I read this poster almost daily at a client’s offices; it features some dead animal carcasses in the middle of a desert road. I think the constant exposure to the image makes it less gruesome then it sounds, but the words are burned into my skull none the less. I see innovation everywhere, the internet makes seeing the new trends as easy as turning on my computer. Every industry is experiencing a revolution, newspapers are making way to blogs, big R&D firms are turning to the masses to solve problems, and Twitter birthed a political revolution.

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Gaming with Wave or Why I Hate Play-By-Posts

After gushing lovingly about the Savage Mushroom Kingdom, Theron “SlasherEpoch” Seckington of These Dice Look Funny, invited me to partake in a game over Google Wave. Not being one to pass up an opportunity to play the game with the designer himself, and looking for other ways to branch into online play, I began excitedly communicating with him about character ideas. After [...]

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Four Free Settings that You’re Not Using (and Should Be)

There are loads of settings out there for every game, but some of the best ones are labors of love by fans. The next time you’re looking to start a game with Savage Worlds, consider some of these to change up your game.

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