Everything You Need to Know About Savage Worlds Deluxe

Last week, Pinnacle Entertainment Group announced the next version of the Savage Worlds rules, Savage Worlds Deluxe. As with any time a new edition of a game is announced, it’s followed by a mix of excitement, fear, and a whole lot of questions. The following contains everything we know about the new product.


Savage Worlds Deluxe (SWD) will be 160 page, full-sized hardcover costing $29.99. It will share shelf space with the Explorer’s Edition until the later volume sells out, at which point they will release a Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition (the title is assumed at this point).

The price of the new Explorer’s Edition is not yet set. Joel has said that they would like to keep the $9.99 price point, but it will ultimately be subject to printing costs at the time.

We also don’t know much about the PDF release, other than a Print+PDF preorder bundle is very likely.

Lastly, for those who don’t wish to pay to upgrade, an update document will be released for free on the Pinnacle website.


So, what’s new? Here’s what I’ve been able to find:

Design Notes: First, the rules have been clarified and cleaned up, and they now include  design notes to better explain why the rules work they way they do. According to Clint Black, this will help people really understand how the game works just by reading the rules, something I believe is completely impossible today.

Chase Rules: The chase rules have been rewritten from the ground up. What this looks like, I don’t know yet.

Edges: The list of Edges will be a little more comprehensive. According to Matthew Cutter:

A good number of Edges from other products have been incorporated into the core Edges list. For example, “Liquid Courage” from Weird War Two, and the Improvisational Fighter Edge.

Powers: Powers have also seen some work, with new powers being added, mostly from the Fantasy Companion, and several powers being modified. In addition, more powers are able to target multiple people in a similar manner to how _bolt_ currently functions.

Interludes: This is not exactly the Dramatic Interludes that we’re familiar with. They’ve been refined, and a random element from the deck of cards has been introduced.

Dramatic Tasks: These are best described in Clint’s own words:

Dramatic Tasks cover situations where time is of the essence and some extended goal needs to be reached. For instance, disarming a bomb or performing a counter-ritual. The rules cover how to handle them and complications that might come up.

I have not be able to find any information as to how these rules work yet. Chances are, we’ll have to wait for the book.

Social Conflicts: There will be new rules for handling complex social encounters.

Setting Rules: Unlike the current Explorer’s Edition, SWD will contain a variety of optional rules you can apply to your own settings. No word yet as to what those are.

One-Sheets: The book will contain five new one-sheet adventures, each in a different setting, to give new players a great starting off point and to illustrate the flexibility of the system. They have also been designed to showcase various features of the ruleset.

New Art: It’s new, and it’s supposed to be awesome. Other than the cover, we haven’t seen any of it, but these guys know what they’re doing.

Getting More Information

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered, you can either head on over to the discussion thread, or you can post a comment here and I’ll ask them for you.

Your Comments

Although it’s likely too late for changes to be made to Savage Worlds Deluxe, what changes or refinements to the Savage Worlds rules would you like to see?

  • http://flynnwd.blogspot.com Flynn

    Will they include the common Edges as part of the core rules? By that, I mean the Edges that they put in more than one setting, indicating a general all-purpose usefulness that would be good to see in a core product.

    With Regards,

    • http://thesedicelookfunny.blogspot.com Theron

      I feel like the only Edges that have been in so many of their releases that they might as well be core rules are Dirty Fighter and Really Dirty Fighter. Maybe Take The Hit/Iron Jaw as well.

    • http://www.ApathyGames.com Jeff Carlsen

      According to Cutter:

      “A good number of Edges from other products have been incorporated into the core Edges list. For example, “Liquid Courage” from Weird War Two, and the Improvisational Fighter Edge.”

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