Getting the band back together

So it’s been a couple of months since you’ve run a game, you’re a bit rusty but willing. You just need an adventure, an act two if you will to your ongoing saga. You just need the adventure to spark the new arc of a campaign; something that will hit the ground running. Where do you start? How do you get everyone excited to roll some dice again? How do you get the band back together?

Use some Props

As it’s been a while since you’ve played it might be time to remind everyone why you do, because it’s fun. Props not only increase immersion on a game but remind us of times when our imaginations and a stick were enough to create a huge swashbuckling world of fun and adventure. Even if you lack a good thrift store in your area a quick trip to get some construction paper should give you enough material to work with to get a good sword, or crown to wear. Is it silly? Of course it is, but that’s half the fun!

Leave the old plot threads hanging, for now.

For now forget the quest for world domination or to save the universe. It’s been months since you’ve played do you really remember all the plot threads you had going anyway? Mark out some time to spend getting comfortable playing again, do some roleplaying and get some combat in. Stretch your creative legs a bit and get your mind humming with ideas. They’ll be time to save the princess in a bit. For now take some time for you and your players to remember why you love this hobby.

Get back to basics

As your leaving the plot threads alone for a bit it’s time to get back to basics, by keeping the session shorter. My first gaming group played some epic session, about 12 hours at a time; it could a bit wearisome just thinking about it. Plan for a shorter session, a couple of simple scenes with some combat sprinkled it. It’s important to keep the energy moving in this session, and get everyone invigorated in playing. If you need some quick ideas for an adventure I’d suggest Gnome Stew’s Giant List of RPG Adventures (not really that giant, gnomes are pretty short) for some quick session ideas. Pick an idea to run with, drop the characters into the situation and go.

When you’ve wanted to get your group back together to play a game what did you do?