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Savage Licenses

Monster Brief: Out of the Dark | Misfit Studios

Misfit releases another micro-release, we’ve asked ourselves how well this product does, releasing consistently with new fresh content for $2 a pop.  If anyone of our readers has picked it up let us know your thoughts in the comments.

From RPGNow:

In this product you will find four creatures that are born from or dwell in the darkness. These new monster entries will provide Gamemasters with new foes to spring out of the black upon their heroes when they least expect it.

Murderous killing machines, dark stone demons are born from the rocks of Hell where sinners trapped in the ground itself are merged together into new life by the crucible of demonic flame. Eaters in the deep are floating spheres sprouting numerous tentacle-like stalks, each of which ends in a muttering mouth that hungers for flesh. Hook flyers are tiny, stealthy predators that hide in the dark, waiting to swoop upon unsuspecting prey in order to drain their blood. Scourge wraiths are the tormented souls of those who once made their livelihood torturing others and must now stalk the dark, only finding peace in the pain and fear of others.

The Blood Tides washes over Hellfrost | Triple Ace Games

Have you ever noticed that in all RPG Adventures everything relies on a small band of heroes?  Not an army that happened to crush the opposition, no it’s just a couple of guys that change the course of events.  I think there is a blog post in here some where.  For now though you’ll have to entertain yourself with the latest Hellfrost release from Triple Ace Games “The Blood Tides.”

From RPGNow:

The time of the prophecy nears!

Literally hundreds of prophecies were made during the Blizzard War.

One such prophecy was in regards to “The Blood Tide.”

Written down in fragments by a priest of Neorthe, it told of the sea turning red with blood, a monstrous force which would drive the races from the oceans, and an unstoppable tide surging from the sea to devour those who dwelt on the coast. It told of other events which would signal the beginning of the prophecy, events which at the time made no sense. Now, over five centuries later, the pieces of the puzzle are finally falling into place.

All that stands between destruction and victory is a small band of heroes.

Hellfrost Region Guide #35: The Giant’s Throne | Triple Ace Games

One has to wonder what the weekly release will be once the Region Guides for Hellfrost are done.  While TAG has shown some interest in a Sundered Skies guide we haven’t seen much after the first release. Whatever they decide it’ll be at least another 10 weeks before we find out.

For 40 years the inhabitants of the Giant’s Throne have been gathering their strength in preparation for a major invasion. Though an ill-fated attempt to invade the western Low Winterlands was recently thwarted at Watchgap Fort, the frost giant ruler, King Kaldr, has not given up his dreams of stamping his authority over the surrounding lands. From his windswept fortress, the icy king watches over a frigid domain of rival orc tribes and barren jagged peaks.

Savage Community

Forum Top Five | Pinnacle Forums

Every week we sift through the Savage Worlds forums over at Pinnacle Entertainment Group and find you the best five threads.  We love doing this, and it has become one of our most popular features.  Without further ado, here is your Forum Top Five:

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