Savage Mondays – November 29, 2010

It’s a Savage World out there, and Apathy Games provides the tools to survive it. First, check out our Savage Worlds Primer, if you have questions or just want to talk to us in real time just drop by the #savageworlds IRC Channel. If you’re looking for more up to date news, here’s what’s happening now:

Savage Licences

Everything $1! | Adamant Entertainment

Been hankering for some MARS action?  How about some pulp Thrilling Tales action?  Or are you looking for something completely different and wanting to try out ICONs?  Well until December 5 Adamant Entertainment is almost giving their products away.  Everything is just $1!

War of the Dead: Chapter Two (Week 5) | Daring Entertainment

Daring Entertainment has loads of deals and new shiny items for you this week.   Between a sale, free adventure cards and a new week of War of the Dead it’s a pretty heavy news week for them.

From RPGNow:

The characters barely manage to escape Hirshbeck Estates after having to battle their way through both a horde of Living Dead and the raiders from the nearby military base.

Arriving at Sanctuary, they are drawn into a terrible war between various factions, where nothing is what it seems and who to trust is the biggest mystery of all.

Can the characters survive long enough to escape, or will they become the newest soldiers for the Living Dead?

Adventure Cards of the Dead | Daring Entertainment

Created by Jordan and Wendy Peacock, the War of the Dead Adventure Cards for the award winning Savage Worlds role-playing game include 32 unique cards to add to any existing Adventure Deck from Pinnacle Entertainment!

  • Turn a successful hit into a headshot!
  • Gain much needed allies at just the right moment!
  • Save your bacon by playing a card that turns an infection-causing Wound into a lesser injury!
  • Cause an immediate distraction against the Living Dead . . . just when your survivor needs it the most!
  • And more!

Adventure Cards of the Dead . . . when you’re outnumbered by millions of Living Dead, every little bit helps.

Living Dead Holiday Bundle Save 28%Daring Entertainment

Been thinking of getting a War of the Dead subscription but wanting a good deal?  Well get Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and the War of the Dead: The Paper Dead for the bundle price of $37.97! That’s 28% off until Friday, December 10th!

50% off All Products | Gun Metal Games

Adding into the Holiday Blitz of sales, you can get 50% off Interface Zero through TODAY. This is getting to sound redundant isn’t it?

Holiday Sale! 50% Off All Products! | Reality Blurs

Not to be out done Reality Blurs is offering 50% off their products through TODAY.  So if you want 50% off RunePunk, Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin, or Realms of Cthulhu you better get on it.

Everything $1 | Silver Gryphon Games

Silver Gryphon Games - Pine Ridge HorrorWait didn’t I use this headline before?  Well it looks like Silver Gryphon Games isn’t going to be out done by Adamant Games this week and is putting everyone on sale for $1 as well.  So if you want Wellstone City, or Camp Wicakini… Well you know what to do.

Savage Community


While not necessary Savage Worlds based Gnome Stew has a nice round up of sales going on that end at various times.  So check out the list here.  Also Eureka is on sale through today.

40 Great Name Resources, Lists and Generators | Campaign Mastery

Johnn put together a rather nice resource of name generators, online or otherwise.  A good resource for coming up with some good names for your campaign.

Chatty Plays Savage Worlds | Critical-Hits

A rather big fan of 4.0 I’m surprised to see Chatty DM playing Savage Worlds, while he doesn’t get into much on thoughts of the system it’s interesting to read his take on the adventure.

Forum Top Five | PEGInc Forums

Each week we delve into the Pinnacle forums and find you the five best threads of the week.  This it the A grade community material.  These are the thoughts of those who tear the system apart and put it back together with minimal left over parts.  These are your Forum Top Five:

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