Roleplaying Tool Round Up: Mostly August Edition

Sadly the Roleplaying Tools category of our blog tends to be woefully under utilized category in our blog.  Mostly because I’m long winded and can come up with way to many GM/player advice posts that don’t really fit in the “tools” category.  Fortunately for you, I found more tools to fill it with.

Thinking Outside the Boxed Text

Shawn Merwin of Crtical Hits writes a rather inspired article on GMing outside the predefined text, and being able to adapt descriptions to your own needs.  He outlines fives tips on how to make your descriptions better for your players and avoid that “Well that doesn’t fit me!” Attitude players can get when a GM is reading a pre-written block of text.

Adventure Builder Workshop: The Villain

Wimwick of writes an article that I really wish I wrote first.  Exploring the four major points of villain design Wimwick expertly works through how to craft a fine villain.  Personally just reading the article has made me want to work on a really good villain.

I’ve Been Framed!

Johnn of Campaign Mastery fame hatched a rather quick way to answer this age old plot cause we all know that we need quicker ways to come up with [idea] to cover our [redacted] when it’s time to play [insert game of choice] again.

In the [Type of State] of [State Name of Your Choice] ruled by a [Type of Government], a character must undergo a [Type of Trial]. They has been framed by [Power Behind the Throne], and if found guilty of [Type of Serious Crime], his punishment will be [Spell-Based Punishment].

Giant Hex Map of Europe, circa 1150 AD

For anyone who is running a European game around this time frame will find this invaluable.  I just think it’s really neat. Either way even if you don’t have a use for a Giant Hex Map of Europe we’re sure you can come up with one.

What tools have you been using recently that have really been working for you?