Organizing your Hooks

Adventure hooks are a must have for every GM’s arsenal.  A list of quick plots to get you going is amazing when used at the right time, but how do you organize such a beast?  In this digital age everything needs to be categorized, tagable, and searchable.  Take this blog for example, you can search by tag, category or words contained in the post to find what you need.  Google has spoiled us in quickly finding the information we need.  So what is a GM to do? Use Evernote.

Evernote is a powerful note system that is easily accessible from not only your computer but from any mobile device.  This means any time you think of a hook or idea for your game you can quickly note it to access it later.  It makes everything searchable, allowing you to easily find everything.   Organization is a snap, just make a new note and place it under the notebook you want it to be under.

Personally I organize my plot hooks under a simple notebook called “plot hooks” I tag them with monsters that appear in the hook, the system, and some words that might describe it.  As Evernote also allows you to add images, I include pictures of the monsters.  I also link to websites I may need to reference for the hook to work.  This allows me to dump in everything I need to run quick encounter.  Add in another notebook for prebuilt characters and I’m ready to go anytime.

While this is an ideal solution for most organizational needs there is one small snag that you can only upload 40mb a month.  While this is rather paltry in size it does allow for quite a bit of text, just go easy on the pictures.

Overall this product has been great at helping me organize my games and may consider getting a premium account for more upload space.

What tools do you use to organize your games? Pen & Notecards or do you have something a little more digital?